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Coming Soon...Your New Chip Enabled Visa Credit Card!

We are pleased to inform you that there are some exciting changes coming to your Oakland County Credit Union (OCCU) Visa credit card.  In our effort to provide you with a safer and more secure card, OCCU is replacing your current Visa credit card with an all new EMV chip-enabled credit card and additional convenience offerings.  With this new credit card you’ll have access to these exciting new benefits:


Important Dates

Beginning May 7, 2016

New Credit Card arrives in the mail.

May 16, 2016

Call us if you have not yet received your new card(s) in the mail.

May 21, 2016

Last day to use current card.

May 22, 2016

Activate and begin using your new credit card.

  • New Security Features 

Your new EMV chip-enabled card will give you an enhanced level of security and help reduce fraud.


  • All New Free E-statements 

With this new change you now have the ability to sign up for e-statements for your Visa.


  • Enhanced Account Access

New and improved online access will allow you to view your history,  set up automatic payments and request balance transfers 24/7. 


What does this mean for you? 

Your OCCU Visa credit card will be replaced with a new chip-enOakland County VISA cardhanced Visa card beginning May 7th.  Your card number will not change.  What will change is your expiration date and security code, so you will need to update this information with billers that charge your card regularly.  You may begin activating and using your new card on May 22nd.  Your current card will no longer work after May 21st. 

With this change, all OCCU Visa due dates will now be on the 10th of each month.  You will also need to update the payment address for your monthly payments.  The new payment address will be in effect after May 15th, please click here for Frequently Asked Questions for details.

You will continue to receive communications in regards to these exciting changes.  If you have any questions regarding the changes to your OCCU Visa credit card, please call or stop by one of our convenient branch locations.  

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