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Welcome My Postal Members to the Oakland County Credit Union Family!

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We are pleased to report that My Postal Credit Union members have unanimously voted to merge with Oakland County Credit Union during a Special Membership Meeting on April 18, 2016. We are thrilled that this exciting partnership will provide My Postal Credit Union members greater access to products and services, a dedicated member contact center, six additional branches and state-of-art technology.

Online Banking Will Be Available at 7p.m. on 10/01/2016.  

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My Postal Credit Union is now officially Oakland County Credit Union.  All of your account statements and notices will now come directly from Oakland County Credit Union.  Be sure to check your mail carefully, as we will be communicating all upcoming exciting changes through mail correspondence. Although the name will be changing, our dedication to improving your financial life will not.

  • When completing Shared Branching transactions, please communicate that the transaction is for a My Postal account until the computer conversion on October 1, 2016. 

We are now in the process of integrating both Credit Unions, and since both Credit Unions share a commitment to improving the financial lives of our members, we expect the transition to go very smoothly. We will take the final step to combining the two Credit Unions and give you full access to all of the benefits with a computer conversion on October 3, 2016.

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You have our personal assurances that this partnership will provide excellent products, exceptional service and additional convenience to you and the entire membership.  Please keep your eye out for more details regarding this partnership in the coming months.  Rest assured that we will be proactively reaching out to you and walking you through every step of the way.                                      


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