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Debit and ATM Cards

You won’t be making full use of your OCCU membership unless you carry the power of your savings or checking account in your pocket.

The free ATM card gives you 24/7 access to your money through our expansive network of free Co-Op ATMs. You can withdraw, deposit or even make a loan payment through our ATM system. You'll also have unlimited access to any of OCCU's ATMs and six free withdrawals each month from any other ATMs.

You may call us for immediate ATM application assistance at (800) 815-6237.

Click here for an OCCU ATM card application. (PDF) Please return the completed form via fax to (248) 886-1082.

Debit Card

Anyone with a checking account at OCCU should have a MasterMoney Debit Card. Use the card for purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

The nice feature about the debit card you’ll never receive a credit card bill at the end of the month! That’s because the money comes directly out of your OCCU checking account. Plus, your MasterMoney Debit Card acts just like an ATM card, too!

The application process is very quick!

You may call us for immediate MasterMoney Debit Card application assistance at (800) 815-6237.

Click here for an OCCU MasterMoney Debit Card application. (PDF)  Please return the completed form via fax to (248) 886-1082.

Protect your debit card from fraud and get 24/7 activity alerts with our Card Nav App.  

Take Advantage of Our ScoreCard Rewards Program!

Now you can earn points toward fantastic merchandise by using your OCCU MasterMoney Debit Card!

All OCCU members that sign for their debit card purchases are racking up points that could lead them to anything from a toaster oven to a trip to Australia!

Your points have been likely already piling up if you've been using your card since 2009. The website featuring the catalog of potential rewards is www.scorecardrewards.com.

This site will allow you to see how many points you have acquired, what gifts you may be qualified for, and how to place an order. Please use this website exclusively for redemption since the professional staff at ScoreCard will provide the best answers to your questions.

For ScoreCard customer service, call 1-800-854-0790 Monday through Friday 9 a.m. - 11 p.m. For travel services, call 1-800-842-3006, Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekends.

Cash Rewards

Members may also redeem their points for cash (through OCCU only). The redemption totals are as follows:

  • 5,000 points = $25
  • 10,000 points = $75
  • 15,000 points = $125
  • 25,000 points = $225
  • 50,000 points = $500
  • 100,000 points = $1,250

Members must visit one of our branches to redeem points for cash. ScoreCard is able to process merchandise and travel rewards only.

Remember, you must sign for your purchases to receive points. PIN transactions do not qualify. All electronic and/or Internet purchases are considered signature-based and qualify for points. Members receive one point for every $2 purchased.

Have You Used MasterCard MARKETPLACE for Debit Card Users Yet?

Members that carry our MasterMoney debit card are now qualified for free access to hundreds of discount offers from your favorite merchant whenever you use your OCCU card.

  • Save over 50% or more with Overwhelming Offers.

  • Access to exciting VIP In-Store Events and other MasterCard exclusive experiences and offers.

  • Get email notifications for deals on brands you love.

  • Preview offers, reviews and customer rating.

  • Choose from hundreds of offers every day at top retailers, including Best Buy, Target.com, and homedepot.com!

Enroll at www.mastercard.com/marketplace and you'll be ready to take advantage of these great offers.

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