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Sprint Phone Discounts

Sprint IIA Talk About Savings

Sprint offers a nice discount to almost all OCCU members. Be sure to stop in any of our branches to learn more!

MasterCard Gift Cards

Can’t figure out what to give that one difficult person for his or her birthday? Maybe you don’t know their size or taste?

OCCU has your solution. We offer MasterCard gift cards! Now it’s possible and faster and easier than before – and who couldn’t use a MasterCard gift card with a set amount of money stored on it?

Purchasing a card is as simple as determining the amount – between $10 and $750. Regardless of the card’s value, each card is only $3.25.

MasterCard gift cards are available at all OCCU locations.

Money Orders

Money orders are an easy way to transport money without feeling uneasy about carrying a lot of cash. Whether you’re paying for a used car, heading to a garage sale, or just paying a friend, it’s a safe way to carry up to $1,000.

The fee is $1.50 per money order.

Safe Deposit Boxes

If you have something irreplaceable that you can’t imagine losing, a safe deposit box at OCCU is probably the best place for it. From jewelry to important documents, our safe deposit boxes provide tremendous peace of mind for our members.

Located at our County Campus, Clarkston and Waterford/White Lake Branches, these boxes are quite popular among members. The following offers your three options:

  • Small: 3” x 10” x 22” - $40/year
  • Medium: 5” x 10” x 25” - $55/year
  • Large: 10”x 10” x 22” - $80/year

U.S. Postage Stamps

Save yourself a trip to the post office next time and simply purchase your stamps at OCCU!

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. We sell the booklets of 20 stamps at the same price you would find at the post office. We also have books of 18 stamps for sale through our ATMs. It’s just an added value of OCCU membership!

Wire Transfer

Do you need to get some cash to someone out of town fast? No worries. Use OCCU’s wire transfer service.

OCCU can transfer money to another financial institution on the same business day – if the transfer occurs before 4 p.m. EST.

Call us right now if this is an urgent matter (800-815-6237). Or, visit any of our branches to handle this important transaction. Domestic wire transfers are $30.

Notary Public & Signature Guarantee Service

We all have important documents that come along needing an official notary stamp before being legal. The good news is that it’s not a complicated service and one that every OCCU branch can do for free.

Remember to bring in a photo ID and to sign the documents in front of our notary.

Signature Guarantee Service is used to ensure a signature when ownership is being transferred. Similar to the notary service, simply bring your document into any OCCU branch – for free.

Change of Address Form

If you're moving and need your credit union information sent to your new address, please click here for the official form to return to us. Thank you for your help!

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